Installation of Industrial Water Purifiers and Water System in a Complete Cycle.

For water supply system, industrial water system, RO water purifiers, large water purifiers, industrial water purifiers, and whatever small or large tasks; we are ready to make your water system gain quality with international standard.

Complete Service for Design and Installation of Water System – Mittwater

We provide complete service on water supply production system, groundwater purifying system, water production used in manufacture, installation of industrial water for drinking water manufacturers, water purifiers, and water purifying tanks in all sizes as required.

 Assure quality with installation of water system with RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifying system with international standard approval. We also provide service on installing other water systems such as soft water system with implementation by engineering team and experts in water systems for more than 15 years.

Why Choosing MITTWATER?

Ownership of a production factory

We have a factory for assembling water purifiers and producing water purifying tanks. Therefore, we can directly access to the factory and can give reasonable prices with value for money without passing the middlemen! Consequently, the production cost is lowered.

Design by engineers

Our industrial water systems, water supply systems, and other water systems are designed by professional engineers with water system experience for more than 15 years.

Free water system design

We provide free service on site survey before installing water system and system design without any additional expense so the installation cost can be lowered.

Water System Service of MITTWATER


Water Supply Production System

Water supply production system is necessarily implemented by an experienced engineering team.

We provide service on designing water supply production system with international standard of water supply production process such as surface water supply production systems, groundwater supply systems, and water supply systems in villages, factories, hotels, and resorts etc.

Our installation of water supply systems is standard and they will certainly pass the inspection criteria of Waterworks Authority. Drinking water from our water supply production systems is 100% clean and standard.


Groundwater Purifying System

Water supply production system is necessarily implemented by an experienced engineering team.

We give services on planning and installing ground water supply production systems by filtering turbidity, smell, colors, chemical substances, and hardness for consumption in households, communities, and industries. We also give services on installing different purifying tanks such as groundwater purifying tanks with groundwater purifiers.

We can perform ground water purifying systems and installation of water purifiers and water purifying tanks at the same time since we have our own assembling factory without middlemen. Therefore, you can lower cost for installing groundwater purifying systems. 


Water Production Systems in Industrial Factories

We provide services on design and installation of water production in factories ranging from RO (Reverse Osmosis), DI (Deionized), and Softener water purifying systems used in industrial factories for producing food, drugs, or products in related industries. We also provide services on installation of water purifying systems for drinking water production industries.

Our services on industrial water purifying system design conforms to engineering principles by the engineering team with water system experience for more than 15 years.

We can guarantee that the water supply production systems in your factories are with 100% standard.


RO Industrial Water Purifiers

We sell RO (Reverse Osmosis) industrial water purifiers, factory water purifiers, and RO drinking water purifiers in small, medium, and large sizes with reasonable prices.

Free! We provide services free of charge on installation of RO water purifiers in various capacities such as industrial water purifiers with 6,000 Litre/hour, 12,000 Litre/hour, and 24,000 Litre/hour etc. Our team is highly experienced particularly in water systems used in industrial factories. 

Contact us for free consultation!

We give complete consulting services on production systems of water supply, groundwater, and industrial water.

Some of our systems with customer trust

RO industrial water system

Surface water supply purifying system

RO industrial water system

Installation of RO industrial water purifiers

RO industrial water system

Customer Testimonials

Feedback from customers who used our water system services

Before making decision to employ the company to install the water supply production system, I called for consulting with the company owner and he inspected our site by himself. I was so impressed. I plan to install another groundwater purifying system and I think I will reuse the company service.”

Khun Thongkon

One owner of Swang Satthatham Foundation

“The team well designed a groundwater purifying system used in the hotel. The water is clean without smell or residues. The team provides very good service with clear plan of installation. For anyone who is interested in a water production system, I would like to recommend this company.”

Khun Kun

Owner of White House Hotel in Tak Province

“I came from Pattani to see water purifiers at Mit Nirun Engineering Company. When I saw the factory, I was not disappointed so I made decision for the company to assemble a water purifier. The assembly was free of charge. I really like that.”

Khun Wasan

Contractor from Pattani Province

“I really like the water purifying tank here. It is well designed with value for money. The company owner implemented work by himself. Later I will reuse the company service for a new groundwater purifying system. I like it very much.”

Khun Monchai

Owner of Nitthasiri Dormitory

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